Here is what you should know about how the program was created and some of our testimonials

Program Director

Graeme Alford

21Renew was designed by Graeme Alford

Graeme was labelled “The Comeback King” by the ABC Channel 2’s Australian Story.In the 1970’s Graeme gave every appearance of being a very successful young barrister however, despite numerous warnings he failed to address his ever increasing drinking of alcohol until he had destroyed his legal career, ruined his marriage, shattered his reputation and finished in prison 3 times, the last for armed robbery.

When asked why he did not heed the warnings about his drinking Graeme’s response is illuminating “

“ I had been able to succeed in everything I did and saw no reason why I could not control my drinking. In hindsight it was singularly the dumbest mistake I have ever made. If I had sought professional help before I lost everything, my life would have unfolded very differently.”

“Graeme Alford has done what so many can’t do. He changed his life. His story is inspirational. He’s not to be missed.”

John Bushell

Director Catholic Family
Welfare Bureau

I have spent the last 35 years researching the best way for people to overcome their alcohol and or drug issues. I have counselled hundreds of men and women from all walks of life and designed customised solutions for them.

The first and fundamental lesson I have learned is that there is not a one size fits all solution.

About 10 years ago as a result of my coaching several executives with alcohol issues I became acutely aware they required a very different approach. They were still working in well-paid jobs, under pressure to maintain a high level of work output and most importantly needed a program which would deliver complete confidentiality and privacy.

The more I researched treatment options for executives the more apparent it became they did not exist.

Executives do not have 30/60/90 days to attend a residential treatment facility and if they do these options are not tailored for their needs. Despite what these treatment facilities promote on their websites they all have “their program” and everyone fits into that program. It makes no difference how old you are, the level of alcohol/drug intake you have reached, what level of education you have had, how you best learn, your current lifestyle, job or family.

Client Feedback November 2018 Bali Wellness Retreat 



 “I finished treatment at another rehab in Bali which gave me much needed clarity but I was still unsure of what direction I wanted to go with my life and how I was going to get there. I could not be happier that I made the decision to go to 21Renew.

 At 21Renew I learned life skills that I had not learned anywhere else and developed a clear picture of exactly where I wanted to go over the next 12 months and was given the tools on how to get there.”

 I am excited to see how everything unfolds from here and I am confident that everything is going to turn out unbelievably.”



 “Everything about 21Renew is different from my previous rehabs. Coming off heroin is never easy but at 21Renew they made it as easy as it could be. I was never forced to do anything. The Yoga, massages, walking, swimming and outings gave me a sense of freedom and kept me positive and looking forward. The support was fantastic and I was able to talk to Justin and Graeme whenever I was feeling down. They also adjusted the program to fit in with how I was feeling.

 The weather, villa and food were unbelievable.

 It was a great experience and I have been given a new lease of life.

 Thankyou Graeme, thankyou Justin, thankyou 21Renew.”



 “I was given the Tools to become ‘Me’ again and ‘Walked Out’ and arrived back who I am and who I want to be.

 To witness and participate in the absolute transformation to others that attended is and was life changing for me and ‘Yes’ for them.

 All those involved in my Journey were and are just First Class, Cheers Graeme”


Lucia D

 “Living to work, not working to live, dependency problem, and I was close to snapping. Walking a tight rope, the double life, the pressure of it all almost tipping me over the edge.

 My long time affinity with a mentally and physically harming substance had impaired my rational thinking.  It was distorted to a such a degree that I thought I couldn’t maintain a level of performance without it.  Internally I was destroying myself and I knew it.  Things were starting to slide and the depression was overwhelming.   Due to my previous experience with rehab, I felt my situation was hopeless due to the time I thought I would have to take off from work to start feeling normal again.  I had done treatment before.   Sixty days.

 Looking for answers on the internet, I found 21Renew.  I did my research on the program director, was impressed with what I read, and instantaneously made an appointment.  

 If you are looking for residential treatment where your mobile devices are confiscated, with militant rules and where boredom visits frequently then 2I.R is not for you.

 What you can expect at 21.R is the opposite of what is noted above with an added bonus of 21 days in postcard surroundings.


Client Feedback August/September 2018 Bali Wellness Retreat 



From Hostels to Villa Harta to Home. 

“My eyes darted across the room as I sat in Graeme Alfords office. Looking sickly unwell, I recall feeling broken, lonely, scared and filled with shame. I desperately wanted to tell Graeme that I wasn’t always like this! I used to be smart, sassy, pretty and have life behind my eyes. But I didn’t have the energy to remember the woman I used to be because it hurt too much. So instead I said “Forgive me for my questions, but I’m massively paranoid.”

I then proceeded to reel off my ridiculous questions in the attempt to rattle or shock Graeme. However he stared back at me unperturbed and I quickly realised this guy means business. I didn’t understand how this man I hardly knew had encouraged my family not to give up on me and that I am worthy of a sober life. It had to be too good to be true….

Addiction swept me up in to a world where I didn’t belong and I became a stranger to all those that knew me. The past 21 days allowed me to be reunited with my family but most importantly is has reunited me with myself. I now write this as a new woman, a lady in fact. I’m ready to start writing my next chapter and it can be whatever I want it to be. 

The whole experience was amazing.” 



“About 3 months ago I received a message from Graeme Alford who I had known over 20 years ago. He wanted to know how I was. I messaged Graeme apologising for not being in touch but told him I was too ashamed and I went on to explain that I was homeless, broke and drinking from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep.

Graeme said, “Greg to do you trust me?” and I responded “yes with my life.” He said good, you are coming to Bali with me on one of our 21 day Wellness Programs. I told Graeme I really appreciated the offer however Rehabs don’t work for me. I had done over 6 months in 3 separate rehabs and had drunk immediately I left each one. Graeme’s response was simple.

“Greg we do it very differently.” ……. truer words were never spoken.

Everything about 21Renew is the complete opposite to what I experienced at the 3 rehabs I had been to. At 21Renew everything was positive, the staff and food was spectacular, the program really enjoyable and above all else by the time the 21 days finished I had a plan for going forward with my life and recovery.

I have been back in Melbourne for a week since leaving Bali and everything is on track. I am in constant contact with the team at 21Renew and they have been there every step of the way.

For the first time in 20 years I am excited about my future and I have a plan to achieve it.”



“Graham has set me up with the tools to go and take on life again and most of all enjoy life. 

The 9 years of drug abuse drained my mind and body so yoga, swimming and boxing helped me to start getting my fitness back and the following massages was great.

I love being in control of my mind and the main part is I’m starting to feel again. Graham, Justin and the staff have helped me tremendously. Thanks guys keep up the good work.”



Client Feedback June 2018 Bali Wellness Retreat



“After 10 years of struggling with drug addiction, 21 Renew has been the turning point in my life. The 21 Renew program through its interactive group sessions, yoga and massages has provided me with the springboard I needed to dive into recovery.

After 21 days I feel physically fitter and mentally sharper which has provided me with the clarity to write the next chapter of my life in a positive and fulfilling way.

The programme is delivered superbly through group sessions where you workshop ideas and one-on-one sessions that provide tailored advice to your personal situation.

21 Renew was a life changer



“ When I decided to go to 21Renew it was only to please my family. Having been to three Rehabs over the past 12 months I was not looking forward to another daily barrage about my behaviour .

From the time I walked into the Villa I knew this was going to be different. My bedroom and ensuite were luxurious. The staff were fantastic and the 21Renew Team immediately put me at ease and made me welcome.

The entire 21 days was positive and invigorating. I learned more about myself than I thought possible and as a result of the interactive sessions and the one on one time I spent with Graeme I left the Retreat with a customised plan for me to put into action in all aspects of my life.

Thank you 21Renew for a life changing experience”



“My time at 21 Renew has been a great life experience which has helped me understand who I am and stretched my thinking capacity in ways I never had thought was possible. From the moment I was greeted by Justin at the airport to the day I left I was constantly in a positive space and the villa quickly became my haven for recovery thanks to the friendly helpful and professional staff. 

21 Renew has set me up and set me out on my new journey feeling more positive and with a lot more clarity and the tools to achieve my life goals and desires. I had never done anything like this before and strongly encourage people fighting addiction problems to conduct engage in a program like this. I believe you have to completely remove yourself away from your current environment and head space be open to understanding addiction and WHY we are behaving they way we do. I personally have dug deep and discussed my issues, discovered some tools to work with and now have a plan moving forward.    

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at 21 Renew (Ubud). Working within an intimate group away from my normal surroundings and pressures. I now have clarity in who I am and have dealt with some serious underlining issues of the past and now look to my new life where I can unwrap my true talent. 21 renew has been a success for me and others due to the openness of the group from day one digging deep and being honest with others and more importantly our selves. 

I have always seen a bright future for myself but was unsure how to put it all together I started to doubt my self, I wasted a lot of opportunities and was very hard on my self and what I really stood for in life and the purpose for why I existed. I was spinning out of control in a negative spiral.  

21 renew has really opened me up. I am now able to began to get to question my identity and what I really stood for in life and the purpose for why I existed. 

Some of the reasons being:  

– “First Class” property / facility 

– Quality content, exercises and case studies.

– Openness, honesty and ability for everyone to be non judgmental in the group.  

– Appropriate breaking to help digest information and discussions.  

– Friendly, helpful and professional staff. 

– Quality food and exercise programs such as yoga, boxing and massage.    

Graeme Alford has been the only person I have connected with since my addiction, which has been in full flight for last 5 years. Graeme has simply walked the walk.

His calm, measured, positive energy and assuring approach and manner is the best in the business. His ability to present, deliver and personalise everyones recovery path and understand He is a genius at work and someone I really admire. I am one of the lucky ones who found Graeme early in my addiction and very thankful.

We all know how hard it is to find someone we can trust and connect with. 

His story alone is fascinating and would give “anyone” hope. He is one of a kind. A true gentleman. Graeme’s words on the second last night summed it up for me. 

 ” It is up to you now you are in control but not alone” “You are right to go ” 

“I’m always here for you. I certainly don’t abandon anyone and I sure DON’T ever give up “. Words like this speaks volumes of his care for his clients. This gave me confidence that I can do this and I’m well on my way to recovery.        

On this note, I would like to thank all the staff who were very professional polite and always smiling day to day making my experience a positive and memorable one. 

Thanks Greame and Team”           



About 21Renew

Vicki Crowe

“Graeme was at the top of his game and lost almost everything due to addiction. Since beating his addiction Graeme has turned his life around and has spent the last 25 years doing the same for others.  I have known Graeme for 20 years and I’ve witnessed first- hand the extraordinary impact and success of his programs. As an executive coach, I have seen the destruction and impact of addiction, from losing jobs, family and often sad lives.
The 21renew program is groundbreaking and life-changing. I would highly recommend it to any executive needing to make changes in their life.


Darren Hughes

“I met Graeme when I was very early in my recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Graeme’s help, friendship and knowledge of my disease was and still is today, instrumental in myself still remaining clean and sober many years later. I am very confident in saying, I would not be the man I am today if I had not met Graeme.”


Andy Fraser

“At my first meeting with Graeme Alford at Complex Institute in Geelong, I found Graeme to be sincere, honest and a man of integrity. The stories about his past and how he fixed things for himself were awe inspiring.
Never did I imagine that 12 months later I would be calling him for help with addiction for my son.  Graeme made a very difficult situation a lot easier to deal with.  My son followed Graeme’s words of wisdom and tips to get over this terrible addiction and is now doing well.  I trust and respect Graeme and truly believe he is proof that you cannot keep a good man down.
There is always help out there if you want it, and Graeme is definitely the man to do it.  I would totally recommend this program to anybody wanting to get help.”


Phillipa M-W

“I have friends who have been coached by Graeme who has made amazing changes to their lives.”


Craig Maloney

“A friend of mine that is a business executive got involved in daily drinking and before he knew it his life started to fall apart both at work and personally. Didn’t know what to do So he was then handed a book by a friend called Never Give Up and tracked down the author Graeme Alford who took him through an intervention supporting his sobriety and to this day he’s still there. This 21 Renew is a fantastic way to get your life back on track take control and be in control.”


William Nelson

After having worked on various projects with Graeme for over twenty-five years I continue to witness the impact and change he can bring about. His latest program 21renew is the culmination of 35 years of real-world experience. It is a must for anyone looking to regain the control of their life.”


Robert Angelovski

“About 12 months ago Linda and Michael ( I have changed their names) who are two of my work colleagues were having a serious battle with alcohol and I suggested they contact Graeme Alford. Linda followed this up and enrolled in one of Graeme’s programs and the change in her work output has been remarkable. So much so I suggested to Linda she should have a coffee with Michael and explain why and how the program had worked for her. She did this and Michael is now working with Graeme and his team at 21renew and already seems to be a different person.”


Vi Nguyen

“I have referred Graeme to several close associates. In my culture addiction is very misunderstood. Graeme led and intervention of a close associate and consequently, they are now in active recovery and free from drugs and alcohol. If you have a loved one affected by drugs or alcohol I would highly recommend seeking advice from Graeme and his highly skilled team.”


Ray Pascoe

“Over the past 3 years, I have turned to Graeme on a number of occasions for advice on how to deal with a family member who has struggled with an ice addiction. His understanding of addiction and how best to deal with the day to day issues that crop up while also helping with long-term strategies have been invaluable to myself and our family.”


Michael Jenkins

“I referred Graeme and his team a close friend and associate. He had tried other methods of which had zero cut through with him. Since working with the team at 21 Renew he has returned to work and is kicking serious goals in his career and has reconnected with his family and friends.”