21Renew was designed for people who want to take back control of their life.

Do you want to start living again?

The Decisions You Make Today Will Determine Your Future.


Why 21 Renew Will Work For You


Key Features of the 21Renew Luxury Residential Component of the Program

  1. Each residential section of the program is conducted at a first class private facility in South East Asia or Fiji.
  2. Our sophisticated and comprehensive pre-program assessment and screening process ensures suitability for all clients enrolling into the program.
  3. Any medical requirements are identified prior to the commencement of the program and where needed included in the client treatment plan.
  4. You can bring your laptop and mobile phone with you to stay in contact with your office and clients. There are set times each day for use of these.
  5. The program is foundered on “new age” learning techniques and delivered by a professional team of experts in the treatment of alcohol and drug issues.
  6. 21Renew is delivered in 3 stages. Pre-residential, Residential (21 days) Post Residential (60) days.
  7. At the completion of the residential component of the program you will have a comprehensive plan for going forward and you will have your personal coach for the next 60 days.
Renew your body
Week 1
Reset your future
Week 2
Recalibrate your journey
Week 3

If you leave the program within the first 10 days we will refund you the remaining 50% of your course investment.

7 Reasons why you should act now

  1. Your career is in jeopardy. Everything you have worked so hard to achieve could be destroyed.
  2. Your integrity and reputation are on the line. You should protect it at all costs.
  3. You will have tried on multiple occasions to stop or manage your usage of alcohol/drugs without succeeding. It’s time to seek assistance from an expert.
  4. Your family and friends want you to be the person you could and should be.
  5. If you continue to use alcohol/drugs it will only get worse. The damage caused by substance abuse is progressive, it never gets better.
  6. The longer you leave it the harder it gets to turn it around.
  7. In just 21 days you can renew your body, reset your direction and recalibrate your journey to go forward and realise all your goals and dreams.

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