International Alcohol and Drug Wellness Program Thailand

When it comes to successful treatment of alcohol or drug addiction there is no one size fits all solution and despite what the vast majority of private treatment facilities promote they do not provide individual plans for their clients.

The reason they cannot provide individual treatment is most of them are run on a Therapeutic Community Model and this model is not designed for customised plans for each client.

At 21Renew we have three components to our program,

Stage 1.           Initial assessment and pre residential planning. This includes working with the client and where appropriate and with the clients permission their families. Prior to Stage commencing our comprehensive assessment tools provide us with the following information

  • The client’s personality and how they will respond and interact with the other clients during the residential phase.
  • Their learning style.
  • The living arrangements when they commence Stage 3.
  • Their parents/ partner/ children/brothers and sisters views on the client’s alcohol/drug issues.
  • What coaching their immediate family will need prior to stage 3 commencing and putting this plan into place while the client is in stage 2. Inevitably within the immediate family, their will different views on the clients conduct in active substance abuse. It is not uncommon to have a brother or sister who wants nothing to do with the client while another brother or sister will be far more sympathetic. A successful Stage 3 will often depend on getting all the family on the same page singing the same song and from experience, this can take time and several sessions with one or all of the family with our Family Support Team.
  • Who will be the most appropriate personal Recovery Coach for this client when they enter Stage 3.

Stage 2.           The residential component is delivered in 5-star accommodation in the hinterland of Bali. We only take a small number of clients and everyone progresses through the program at the same pace. There is a combination of group and one on one sessions and the learning structure is based on the Inductive Learning Model (which is used by all the major universities).

During the 21 days, you will renew your body, reset your thinking and recalibrate your journey for going forward. You will be given the tools to deal with your alcohol or drug issues and in conjunction with the 21Renew team build your plan going forward to deal with these issues once you return home.

While you are in the residential component of the program you can use your mobile phone and laptop at all times except for when there is a group session occurring.

Stage 3.           The third component of the program occurs once you return home. We provide you with your own recovery coach for 2 months following your residential stay and your family have unlimited access to our expert family support staff who work with your families so as they understand their role going forward.

Our team have all walked the walk and is headed up by Graeme Alford who has been in recovery for 36 years. Over the past 30 years, he has successfully coached hundreds of people to deal with their alcohol, drug or gambling issues and provided them with the tools to go on and live productive and fulfilling lives.

The hinterland of Bali is an extraordinarily peaceful and tranquil setting to renew your body, reset your thinking and recalibrate your journey going forward.