International Alcohol and Drug Rehab Hong Kong

Making a decision to seek treatment for an alcohol, drug or gambling issue in your life is the first step to starting a whole new life.

Once you have made the decision to seek help the next question is where should I go? This step usually involves going online and researching the treatment facilities available, what they offer and the investment you will make should you go with that provider.

90% of the private treatment facilities have inviting websites and are housed in resort type locations with excellent accommodation. While these 5-star type venues are important they are really secondary to the actual program you will undertake.

The vast majority of private providers operate on the therapeutic community model and deliver a format program based on the 12 Step Facilitation Model first developed in the 1950’s in the USA. This model has at its core the learnings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and clients are expected to attend meetings of AA and NA during their stay. Further, the aftercare plans these rehabs provide is centred around the client attending meetings of AA and NA in their hometown.

This model works for some but not many and despite what these facilities say their success rate at keeping people abstinent in the first 6 months after leaving their program is way below 50%. Almost the entire focus of these programs is for the client to remain abstinent and they do not properly address critical issues such as,

  • Building a life plan with the client.
  • Building their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Ensuring the structure they return to after their residential stay is sound and the family and support group around the returning person is equipped and understands their role.
  • Providing the client with their own recovery coach for the first two months after they leave treatment to ensure the client has someone they can talk to and seek guidance.

This model of treatment was created over 60 years ago and is outdated and adopts a one size fits all approach.

At 21Renew we have a very different approach. We believe the residential component of the program is only part of the solution. What occurs prior to and subsequent to the residential stay is just as critical as the residential component and that is why we heavily resource these two components.

As our founder says, “getting them off the alcohol or drugs is not that hard. Keeping them off it and giving them a reason to be excited about their life and their future is the biggest challenge.”

Do your homework and speak to the various alcohol and drug rehabs and then call us and speak to one of our team and you will immediately see why our clients rave about the 21renew solution