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One of the keys to a successful alcohol or drug rehabilitation program is for the potential client to select the right rehab facility for their needs. What will work for one person will not necessarily work for another. Each rehab facility will identify their own target market

The main target market for the high-end rehab is the High Functioning Executive with alcohol or drug issues and this group requires a very different approach to treatment.
This high-end drug and alcohol rehab inevitably will offer a significantly increased level of privacy and confidentiality and this is an important criterion for the high functioning executive when they are making their choice of which rehab to attend. The client must feel confident when making their choice of which rehab to attend that their attendance at a rehab will be kept secret from work colleagues and clients. Fear of their attending a rehab will often deter executives from seeking help.

Another feature of the high-end drug rehab is the programs they offer. With the majority of their clients coming from senior executives, their programs need to be tailored to meet this group’s needs.

Well over 90% of these clients will be in the pre-contemplation stage of change ( in recovery terms this is called denial) and this requires the high-end rehab to customise and tailor their programs and the timing of delivery of these programs during a client’s time at the facility.

Often the starting point of the high-end rehab programs is to gently educate the client about the effect of continued use of drugs or alcohol and the effect this will have on them both physically, mentally, and professionally. The aim is to gradually bring the client to the conclusion that if they continue their use of drugs and alcohol at their current levels their performance at work will start to deteriorate and put their careers and family life in jeopardy.

To successfully deliver this type of program the high-end rehab must ensure their staff and counsellors are of the best quality. They need to be experienced in working with the high-level executive and often need to adjust the timing of the program delivery to ensure they do not get ahead of where the client is at, at any stage during their stay at the facility.

Taking a significant block of time away from work is often a reason this group gives for not making the commitment to attend a residential treatment facility. To counter this problem the high-end drug rehab and the high-end alcohol rehab program may allow the client to bring their laptop and mobile phone with them and certain times of the day are set aside for the client to communicate with their office or clients.

The other major component offered by the high-end rehab is the provision of customised aftercare plans for their clients. Once the client’s stay at the rehab facility has ended. This plan is created with the help of the client and is tailored specifically for them. It will take into account their work schedules and the type of work they do. Many of these clients spend a significant amount of time away from home on business and the aftercare plan will be adjusted to cater for this.

Finally, the high-end drug rehab and high-end alcohol rehab program will provide counselling to the clients family and where appropriate work colleagues to ensure they understand the journey the client is on and how they can assist their family member or work colleague to implement their aftercare plan.

The success of any aftercare plan requires the client to get all the support they can from those around them and with whom they interact on a daily basis.