29 ,Jun, 2019

Don’t be too quick to diagnose addiction!

About 12 months ago I had a 54 year client referred to me after he had attended 3 “Rehabs” all of whom diagnosed him as being addicted to alcohol and cocaine. He walked out of two of them before completing their program and stayed 30 days at the third rehab. His family were advised by […]

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27 ,May, 2019

Rehab Model Fundamentally Flawed Part 2

Since posting the article “ Rehab Model Fundamentally Flawed” I have received a lot of feedback and in Part 2 I will address some of the comments and feedback. The first issue that reared its head was the Article was nothing more than a promotion for 21Renew. I thought this view might be taken and […]

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20 ,May, 2019

Rehab model fundamentally flawed!

The Rehab model foundered on Therapeutic Communities  (TC’s) & overlaid by various versions of the Minnesota Model and its progeny the 12 Step Facilitation Model (TSF) is fundamentally flawed and is delivering extremely modest outcomes.  Here in Australia it is impossible to get any evidence based statistics from these facilities. That said having spoken to […]

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26 ,Apr, 2019

Rehabs …..”Lies, damned lies, and statistics”

The phrase “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” was attributed to the British prime minister Benjamin Disrael who is said to have used it to describe the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments. When it comes to Treatment Outcomes for those suffering with addiction it is virtually impossible to […]

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15 ,Apr, 2019

Addiction recovery is a two-fold process

Relapse is imminent if the recovery path does not include how to stay substance free and build a new life. During the residential phase of recovery the vast majority of Rehabs focus on the, “how to stay substance free” and once the residential component is completed outsource this function to either AA or NA. While […]

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09 ,Mar, 2019

What Is Addiction?

By Justin Nolan, 21Renew Program Director, Recovering Addict and Recovery Professional “You’re a drug addict and an alcoholic. You need rehab…” I will never forget the gentleman who said these words to me. I was just 25 years old at the time. I had already recently separated from my partner, and within the space of […]

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04 ,Mar, 2019

Vanessa’s Story…

“My experience at 21Renew was the complete opposite of the rehab I had been to before. It almost felt like a holiday, and yet the staff are incredibly professional and took the reason I was there very seriously. A program tailored to people in business, was exactly what I needed.” Vanessa, 21Renew Client, November 2018 […]

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14 ,Jan, 2019

Pain is optional

“Clarity, confidence, happiness, contentment & motivation eluded me. Here I was- 36 years of age, a new father, progressing in my career, and in the space of  four months, (after another 18 months of abstinence) I had deteriorated rapidly; my reality had drastically changed to the point where I was in hospital again.   My […]

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30 ,Dec, 2018

Effectively supporting a loved one with substance abuse issues

If you are watching someone you love suffer in the throes of substance abuse, it’s likely you are having feelings of desperation, confusion, frustration and helplessness. It can be highly traumatic to watch someone you care about face consequences of their actions and witness their deterioration in behavior, performance and connection to life. Fortunately with […]

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27 ,Dec, 2018

Addicted….Yes or No?

Addicted…..Yes or No?   Ticking boxes provided by the DSM5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5) or Victorian Governments  SELF COMPLETE INITIAL SCREEN FOR ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUG PROBLEMS. is a guide to assist Psychologists and Counsellors as to a client’s dependence/addiction to a substance but it should never be regarded as […]

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20 ,Dec, 2018

10 Questions you need to ask prior to choosing a Rehab

          How does the treatment centre function?   All treatment centres operate differently and it’s important for you to find one that best meets your needs, so that you will be comfortable in the environment, and get the most out of your treatment. In Australasia and South East Asia the most […]

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30 ,Nov, 2018

Can a Rehabs success rate be measured?

The starting point is to define what is “Success”. Is it completing the rehab, remaining abstinent (if that is the goal) for 3 ,6, 9, 12 months, relapsing once in the first 12 months post completing the program, moving a client into a harm minimisation program, etc, etc etc. These measurements do not take into […]

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03 ,Nov, 2018

30, 60, 90 day Recovery Programs!!!!

I have never been comfortable with Alcohol Rehabs and Drug Rehabs who offer a 30 program or a 60 day program or a 90 day program. Many parents look at their child and see how bad their condition is, believe more is better and immediately gravitate to the 90 day program. Over the years I […]

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26 ,Oct, 2018

The 3 stages of a successful residential alcohol/drug treatment program

1. Pre Residential 2. Residential 3. Post Residential All three are vital to a successful outcome. 1. Pre residential stay All alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs will conduct an Assessment and the information gathered will provide staff with a number of insights into the clients usage of alcohol/drugs, mental health and their personal situation including […]

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24 ,May, 2018

I didn’t realise I crossed the line… Mike Willesee

“I didn’t know I had a problem, I was defenceless against it. When I did know the problem, then I could start dealing with it. That’s really what it’s been all about, the knowledge as opposed to ignorance or denial.” Mike Willesee, famous television presenter and interviewer talking about his battle with alcohol on the […]

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06 ,May, 2018

Living with a substance abuser… Kylie’s story

My office 2nd of May 2017 7.30pm “Hello Kylie thank you for coming in. Would you like a coffee or water?” No thank you I’m fine. As Kylie took a seat I said, “when we spoke on the phone you mentioned your partner Jamie had a drinking a problem and you felt he may also […]

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