“Everything about 21Renew is the complete opposite to what I experienced at the 3 rehabs I had been to. At 21Renew everything was positive, the staff and food was spectacular, the program really enjoyable and above all else by the time the 21 days finished I had a plan for going forward with my life and recovery.” GM

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Why 21Renew is different

Many of the current Alcohol Rehabs and Drug Rehabs operate in an environment where there are strict rules that must be obeyed each day and failure to adhere to these rules results in the client receiving various types of penalties and punishment. At 21Renew we take a very different approach. We believe that every day we need to maximise the outcomes for each of our clients and this can only be achieved by being flexible and every day understanding exactly where each client is at on their journey.

The vast majority of people with substance abuse issues DO NOT NEED COUNSELLING. They need to learn about themselves, learn how they are going to deal with their substance abuse and learn how they are going to build their future.

21Renew does not counsel clients we educate them on how they are going to build an exciting and vibrant new life. If counselling is required then we refer these clients to an appropriate therapist or psychologist.

At 21Renew we place a huge emphasis on working with the client once they have completed their residential stay. Each client has a customised plan which includes how they are going to deal with their substance abuse issues/addiction and what they are going to go forward with their life. They have a support coach who works with the client on a daily basis to provide assistance and advice as the client encounters day to day issues back in normal life.

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Family Support

Our expert family support team work with parents and siblings prior to the client entering their residential stay, during their residential stay and after they return home. Each member of the family is encouraged to ring our support team at any time if they have any queries or questions. Our family support team work tirelessly to ensure the environment the client is returning into is prepared and ready for their family member when they return and then on a daily basis ensuring everything in the clients plan is put into place.

Inductive Learning Model

21Renew is built on an Inductive Learning Model which is the opposite of what the current Alcohol Rehabs and Drug Rehabs use.

The secret to any learning is to have the participants fully engaged and enjoying an interesting learning experience.

Graeme Alford the creator of 21Renew has had more than 20 years experience in writing and delivering training programs built on the Inductive Learning Model and the outcomes from these programs have produced astonishing results. One example is a program titled Jobignition which Graeme designed for the long term unemployed. From 2006 to 2010 over 2000 long term unemployed completed the 2 day program and within two months of completing the course over 60% of the attendees were either back in work, going for job interviews or had commenced a particular job entry training course.

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The 3 Why’s (explain what we do.)

  • WHY – did you start drinking, using or gambling?
  • WHY-  do you want to stop?
  • WHY – do you want to stay stopped?

The 4 Fundamentals

Our success is based on a comprehensive implementation of four fundamentals.

  1. A complete understanding of each client before they commence their 21 day residential program including their immediate family.
  2. Ensuring each client has a life changing experience during their residential stay.
  3. Personal support and coaching for the client and their family as the client integrates back into normal life.
  4. Each client has a life plan.


The AOD (Alcohol & Other Drugs) Cycle of Change

There are 5 stages

  1. Pre-Contemplation

In this stage the client does recognise they have a problem or issue.

Dealing with people who are in pre-contemplation is not easy and if not approached properly can lead to arguments and hostility. It is best to seek professional advice on how to deal with the situation as every situation is different and there is not a one size fits all approach.

  1. Contemplation

When someone moves from pre-contemplation into contemplation it means they are starting to recognise they have a problem and they are thinking they want to do something about it.

The best way to assist someone who is contemplating taking some action is to encourage them to seek help and do some research into the options they might have such as contacting alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous.

  1. Planning

In this stage of the cycle of change the person has made the decision they want to change and is actively putting together a plan on how they intend to achieve this.

The best help you can give someone in this stage is to be supportive and positive. It also helps if you get them to explain to you what their plan is and how they are going to implement it.

  1. Action

In this stage the person will be putting their plan into action and the best help  you can give them is to be supportive and understanding as they commence to address their issues.

Mood swings are often prevalent in the early days of this stage so it helps to be aware of this and remain supportive and positive..

  1. Maintenance

At this stage of the cycle the person has made the changes and is now moving along with their plan.

Implementing the plan will often involve changes in routine in the persons home and family life and if not handled correctly can cause disruption and hostility. It is important to communicate with the person and get them to create a living plan at the start of each week so as everyone in the household is aware of what is happening. For example not being home for meals due to their plan.

At 21Renew we add a further stage and that is to work with the client to ensure they have a plan going forward with how they want to live their life and what they want to achieve in their life. We believe this is critical to the client being successful in the maintenance stage of the cycle.

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