Graeme Alford DipCS&AOD,LLB
Founder & Director of Programs

Graeme is a recovering alcoholic who has remained abstinent for the past 36 years. He has a Bachelor of Law and also a Diploma in Community Services Alcohol Other Drugs and is passionate about helping people with substance abuse issues put their life back together. This includes working with their families to ensure everyone is on the same page.He believes the key to success is twofold. First providing the client with the tools to remain abstinent and second working closely with the client after they leave residential treatment to provide them with the day to day coaching and mentoring they need to address any issues.

Justin is a recovering addict, clean and sober for the past 4 years. Justin has a Bachelor of Business, Diploma in Community Services Alcohol & other Drugs & is an ex-professional athlete.Through his own experience with substances, Justin understands completely what individuals go through.  Having attended numerous programs in his own life, Justin brings to 21Renew great experience, knowledge and compassion.“We need to learn to laugh again, we need to get our focus back, we need to feel empowered, supported, with all involved on the same page and moving forward as a united front.”Our unique approach at 21Renew allows this and the results speak for themselves.

Justin Nolan DipCSinAOD, BBus
Director Client Liaison

Ray is a 58 year old business man with over thirty years’ experience running businesses ranging from manufacturing to retail.Over more recent years Ray and his wife Linda have experienced the trauma of having an adult child in active addiction.

They have experienced firsthand the shock, denial, anger and bewilderment that many of you reading this may be feeling.

They have also experienced the joy of re-building their family with a child now well into their third year of recovery. This is an education that money just can’t buy.

Ray Pascoe

Director Family Services

Linda is a 52 year old executive with 30 years’ experience in the corporate world.Like her husband Ray, Linda has experienced the stress of balancing her business life with running the family and helping to raise her Grandchild whilst dealing with a family member in active addiction.

Like most of you who are reading this, Linda found herself living in a world that she had never envisaged .

But having found the inner strength that all parents have, she has shared the journey of recovery and has emerged stronger and wiser and is inspired to support others on the same journey.

Linda Pascoe 
Manager Family Liaison