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21Renew was purpose designed for the Business man or woman, Celebrity or Sportsperson who to all outward appearances is successful; however behind this outward appearance of success their use of alcohol, drugs or gambling is putting their future in danger.

The single biggest issue for the HFE seeking assistance or wanting to learn more about their use of alcohol and or drugs is where to look and who can I speak to who will understand my situation. The needs and what will work for the HFE are very different to others seeking help for their alcohol or drug use.

21renew is a wellness program designed to provide the High Functioning Executive, Celebrity or Sportsperson with the information, guidance, coaching and tools they need to guarantee their future.

From the initial assessment through to the completion of the program and the creation of the post program plan every detail has been custom designed to ensure maximum outcomes. Each program is delivered in superior accommodation by a professional team of coaches and facilitators.

When it comes to your future you should check out what is available. All we ask is that after you have done your research speak to us so as you can compare what 21renew has to offer.

There are three really important things for you to consider about 21renew.

First, the 21renew program is a tax deduction

Second, we give every client a guarantee. If you leave the program for any reason within the first 10 days you will receive 50% of your investment back NO QUESTIONS WILL BE ASKED.

Third, we ensure total privacy and confidentiality to all clients. This includes every client being required to sign our privacy policy prior to being admitted into the program.