15 ,Apr, 2019

Relapse is imminent if the recovery path does not include how to stay substance free and build a new life.

During the residential phase of recovery the vast majority of Rehabs focus on the, “how to stay substance free” and once the residential component is completed outsource this function to either AA or NA.

While this strategy works for a portion of their clients in the short term, many of these will relapse as they have not addressed the second ingredient of a successful new life. Being abstinent is a must; however, month after month of daily meetings in church halls often leaves the client feeling “if this is all there is to recovery I might as well be back drinking/ using.”

Building a new life requires the client to be excited about their future and motivated to succeed. It also requires them to be coached, educated and given the tools to achieve this. The process of building a new life should start during their stay in rehab and then continue once they return to “normal” life.

Over the past 18 months we have had numerous clients who have done multiple rehabs and they all relapsed within a short time of completing their residential stay. The exhilaration of being abstinent wore off and they had nothing else to fall back on.

Hope and belief is in integral for these people to achieve their dreams and know they have the tools to do it is critical to a successful journey of recovery.

This why we created 21Renew. Our program is housed on two fundamentals.

How to stay abstinent

How to build your new life and enjoy every minute of your journey in recovery.