26 ,Oct, 2018

1. Pre Residential
2. Residential
3. Post Residential
All three are vital to a successful outcome.

1. Pre residential stay

All alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs will conduct an Assessment and the information gathered will provide staff with a number of insights into the clients usage of alcohol/drugs, mental health and their personal situation including education, employment, marital status living arrangements, personal relationships with immediate family etc.
At 21Renew we view this stage as critical because armed with this information we can prepare a number of things prior to the client moving into Stage 2.

Apart from the Assessment we will have one on one meetings with the client and their immediate family and where appropriate and with clients permission their employer.
By the completion of stage 1 and in addition to the information gathered in the Assessment we want to be in a position to understand the following;
• The client’s personality and how they will respond and interact with the other clients during the
residential phase.
• Their learning style.
• The living arrangements when they commence Stage 3.
• Their parents/ partner/ children/brothers and sisters views on the client’s alcohol/drug issues.
• What coaching their immediate family will need prior to stage 3 commencing and putting this plan in to
place while the client is in stage 2. Inevitably within the immediate family their will different views on
the clients conduct in active substance abuse. It is not uncommon to have a brother or sister who wants
nothing to do with client while another brother or sister will be far more sympathetic. A successful Stage
3 will often depend on getting all the family on the same page singing the same song and from experience
this can take time and several sessions with one or all of the family with our Family Support Team.
• Who will be the most appropriate personal Recovery Coach for this client when they enter Stage 3.
This information is critical to ensuring a successful Stage 2 and 3.

2. Residential

The vast majority of residential alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs in Australia and South East Asia are based on the Therapeutic Community Model. The biggest drawback with this model is it often generates a negative environment because when one of the residents breaks a community rule there is a punishment of some description.
This breeds a dictatorial authoritarian relationship between the staff and clients and with this comes a corresponding reduction in client engagement in the program and the potential for relapse is enhanced.

At 21Renew we take a very different approach. Our entire focus is to create a positive, trusting and vibrant culture for each group. Staff undergo intensive training to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to make this happen.
We have only four non-negotiable rules
i. No alcohol is to be brought onto the premises
ii. No drugs (apart from prescription medication) is to be brought onto the premises.
iii. You cannot interfere or disrupt the other clients.
iv. You cannot leave the premises without notifying one of the 21Renew team.

At 21Renew all our clients start the residential stage at the same time and move through each part together and during the 21 days each client’s progress is monitored daily and where necessary adjusted accordingly.
We believe the client should leave Stage 2 with an in depth plan that has two major components.
A. How is the client going to address their alcohol or drug issues on a short and long term basis.
B. Their immediate life plan including accommodation, work, and how they are going to interact with family,
friends and work. In particular upskilling them to deal with resentment and recriminations from family
members as result of their behaviour during their substance abuse life.

3. Post Residential

The vast majority of Alcohol Rehabs and Drug Rehabs woefully under resource this stage. It is not uncommon for their “After Care Plan” to be outsourced to the 12 step fellowships.
Indeed the very term “After Care Plan” insinuates the treatment has concluded. Nothing could be further from the reality. Getting people off drugs or alcohol is one thing, keeping them off it is another.

At 21Renew we take a very different approach. Each client is provided with a Recovery Coach for two months and they have unlimited access to their coach during this period.

We also provide the immediate family with unlimited support, coaching and access to our Family Support Team. Inevitably worries and concerns arise and members of the family are not sure how to deal with them. Our experience is this coaching and support is critical to immediately addressing the issue and preventing triggering the client which could very easily lead to a relapse.