01 ,May, 2018

5.30pm Tuesday 5th of August 2014 my office

“Graeme I understand what you are saying but to be absolutely upfront with you I don’t believe my drinking is something I should be concerned about and if it were to become a problem then I will do something about it.” Brendan

6.00pm Wednesday 27th of August  2014 my office

“On Saturday at our conference in Sydney, I had a few too many at the awards dinner and apparently made some sexually explicit advances towards one of our female sales rep’s. I have been stood down pending the outcome of the investigation and my wife is threatening to leave me.” Brendan

As a result of this incident, Brendan lost his job and his wife threatened to leave him if he did not do something about his drinking.

After Brendan left my office on the 27th of August I made a coffee and reflected on what I could have done differently at our earlier meeting on the 5th of August to get Brendan to see the potential life-changing events that could occur if he kept on drinking alcohol in the manner he was. This was not the first time I had encountered this type scenario, indeed I had seen it on numerous occasions over the years, however for some reason Brendan’s situation really impacted on me.

As I reflected on why high functioning executives, business people, celebrities and elite sports people struggle to see the impending disasters that await them if they continue to overindulge in alcohol/drugs it became clear there were 4 major mindsets that pervaded this cohort.

  1. I’m different.
  2. That won’t happen to me.
  3. I will deal with it when it does become a problem.
  4. I cannot let anyone find out I have a problem.

Added to these beliefs is the simple fact that continued use of a mind-altering substance without any dramatic change in lifestyle reinforces the first 3 responses above.

21Renew was specifically designed to address each of these 4 beliefs for this particular cohort.

If you have a client who fits into this cohort and needs to deal with any of these issues then 21renew can work with you to move your client forward.