10 ,Feb, 2018

The following 7 criteria are designed to help the executive choose where to seek professional assistance, once they have made the decision to address their issues with alcohol or drugs.


1. 95% of the treatment facilities in Australia and South East Asia offer an extensive range of programs for a variety of disorders. Inevitably this means at any one time they will have a range of residential clients who come from a variety of backgrounds, have a different level of education and are at different stages of substance abuse or addiction. Many of these facilities are based on the “Therapeutic Community Model” and their programs are based on the “12 Step Facilitation Model” of recovery.


While these facilities provide a great service for certain groups of people seeking the assistance they do not offer a  customised solution for the “High Functioning Executive.” So the first criteria is to look for a solution that has been purpose designed for your needs.


2. The traditional treatment facilities offer 30, 60 and 90-day programs and these programs are built on repartition of information of learning and length of stay in the facility. “The High Functioning Executive” is time poor. They do not have 30, 60 or 90 days to address their issues. The second criteria is to look for a program that will fit into your work and home life schedule and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need in a time-friendly manner.


3. “The High Functioning Executive” cannot be out of contact with their business or clients for any sustained period of time. They need a program that allows them to acquire the information and tools they need while still remaining in touch with their business. The third criteria is will you be allowed to bring your laptop and mobile phone with you to the program.


4. Privacy and confidentiality are non-negotiable. The fourth criteria is to ensure the program guarantees your privacy and confidentiality throughout the program.


5. Every treatment facility has a style of learning and how they deliver their program. It is critical to understand the model of learning that underpins their program because what suits one particular group will not be nearly as effective for another group. The fifth criteria is to check the model of learning that underpins the program.


6. The success of any rehab program will be determined by the long-term sustainability of your plan going forward after you have completed the program. The sixth criteria is to clearly understand what tools and options you will have or might need post the program to ensure you can successfully implement your plan.


7. A key element of any program is who will be delivering the program and what experience have they had with working with “High Functioning Executives.” The seventh criteria is to have facilitators and coaches delivering the program who have walked the talk.