10 ,Feb, 2018

The functioning executive with alcohol or drug issues in their life has only 2 options to consider.


Prior to considering these two options, they should be aware there are 3 incontrovertible facts and these 3 facts apply to every human being with NO EXCEPTIONS


Fact 1            Continued regular use of alcohol or drugs will result in the human body building up a tolerance to these substances, what this means is to get the same effect you will have to drink or use more.


Fact 2            Continued abuse of alcohol or drugs leads to significant impairment of your physical and mental health.


Fact 3            Alcohol and drugs are mind-altering substances so continued abuse of alcohol or drugs will diminish your grasp of reality.


Now understanding these 3 facts lets look at the 2 options an executive with alcohol or drug issues has to choose from.


Option 1.    Everything is OK I don’t need to change anything.

The decision that everything is OK and there’s no need to change anything is based on a very simple piece of logic. The quality of my work and ability to function at my current level will be the same in years to come.

Given the 3 facts regarding the effect of alcohol and drugs on the human mind and body, the assumption that your current level of workout output will continue into the future is simply not valid. It’s flawed logic and if relied on could lead to catastrophic outcomes.


Option 2.     I should do something now to protect my career, my family my reputation, my future

An executive who decides Option 2 is the way to go is then faced with the following. First, where can I go to find the right knowledge and information about my use of alcohol or drugs and the possible outcomes both short and long-term? The second is making a decision about which is the best option for them. Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’s the most suitable option for them.

I often say to people if you are going to climb Mount Everest and you could take advice from someone who has climbed the mountain or someone who has written a book about climbing the mountain who would you pick? Personally, I’d always pick the person who has climbed the mountain the person who has been there and done that.


As Sydney Harris once said “Never take advice from someone who has not had your kind of trouble”