10 ,Feb, 2018

Results or Excuses…. You Can’t have Both.


99% of executives, professionals and celebrities who use drugs would like to stop, so the question is, why don’t they? Over the years I have compiled some of the more common responses from executives when they have been asked this question.


I actually perform better at work when I take drugs.

In the early days of their using this might be true however as the frequency of use escalates their body’s tolerance to the drugs reaches a level where the volume and quality of their work output actually deteriorates.


I’m still in control of my life and I’ll stop if it becomes a problem.

The executive who adopts this position is taking the “mother of all risks!!.” They are betting when the problem occurs it will not have any impact on their career, marriage and personal relationships.


Over the past 20 years, the vast majority of executives, elite sportspeople and celebrities that have arrived in my rooms have done so because “the problem” they faced was career ending or marriage destroying. Without exception, every one of them said, “I wished I had done something about this earlier.”


I actually need the drugs to function.

Apart from people who have been medically diagnosed with issues that require them to take prescription medicine there is no logical foundation for the belief a human being needs drugs to function in any aspect of their life.


I’m different.

When an executive believes he or she is different you can almost guarantee they believe they are different because to them the alcoholic is someone sitting on a park bench dressed in a grey overcoat with a bottle of plonk in a brown paper bag and the drug user is someone with a needle in their arm or living on the streets looking for their next fix.


When they compare this to their life it’s a very short step to the conclusion… I’m nothing like them. I still have a job, a career, a family, a house.


What they are forgetting is the person on the park bench did not start out in life on that bench, they often came from good homes and had a tertiary education.


I have been to a residential treatment facility (rehab) and it did not work.

While these facilities can work wonders for some groups of people seeking help they are not the answer for 90% of functioning executives or professionals who want to address their issues with alcohol or drugs. The functioning executive requires a very different approach.


I cannot let anyone at work know I have an issue.

The fear of anyone finding out is often the reason people don’t seek help. This is a legitimate concern for the executive, celebrity or high profile person and whenever possible their anonymity should be maintained while they address their issues with alcohol or drugs.


It makes no sense for an intelligent, high functioning executive who has achieved so much in their chosen field of endeavour not to seek professional rehab advice to guarantee their future.