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Reset your future and recalibrate your journey.

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Don’t let your success in life…

…fool you into believing you can overcome your alcohol or drug use by yourself. If all you needed to fix these issues was mental toughness you would have got yourself back on track long ago. It’s a smart person who knows when he or she needs expert drug and alcohol rehab advice to resolve a specific issue.



Graeme Alford

Everyone needs a customised solution. They need a program purposely designed for them and for them only; they need a program written by someone who understands how they think, takes into account that they are time poor, need privacy/confidentiality and knows the life and workplace issues they have to deal with.

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What the 21Renew alcohol & drug rehab program will do for you

  1. Develop your rehab plan to deal with alcohol or drugs to make sure they do not hinder you from achieving your goals.
  2. Have a clear understanding of what you need to do to ensure your career and family life is all you want it to be.
  3. Over the 21 days, you will totally recharge your body and feel years younger.
  4. With massages, healthy eating and enjoyable exercise you will enjoy a renewed vitality.
  5. With a reinvigorated body and a new-found clarity of thought, you will be able to plan your pathway going forward with a heightened level of confidence you will succeed.
  6. Regain that level of confidence needed to achieve your goals.
  7. Knowledge is king and you will leave 21Renew with the knowledge and tools you need to take your life to the next level.

The 3 stages of the 21Renew Program

  1. Pre Residential
  2. Residential
  3. Post Residential

All three are vital to a successful outcome.

1. Pre residential stay It is standard practice for alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs to complete an Assessment of their client prior to admitting them into a residential program. The information garnered from the Assessment provides staff a history of the client’s use of alcohol/drugs, mental health and their personal situation including education, employment, marital status living arrangements, personal relationships with immediate family. At 21Renew we take this information gathering a step further. With the use of our sophisticated diagnostic tools we are able to determine our client’s learning style. What method of learning they will best respond to. What specific coaching needs their immediate family will require prior to the client entering stage 3 of the program and finally which of our fully qualified Recovery Coaches will be suited to the client.


2. Residential The vast majority of residential alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs in Australia and South East favour the use of Therapeutic Community Model. While this model has proved successful for a certain category of people seeking recovery it has some significant drawbacks. In particular this model can generate a negative environment because when one of the residents breaks a community rule there is a punishment of some description. This fosters a dictatorial, authoritarian, hierarchical relationship between staff and clients which often leads to a reduction in client engagement in the program with the end result being an increased potential for the client relapsing. At 21Renew we take a very different approach to these alcohol rehabs and drug rehabs. At 21Renew all our clients start the residential component of their program at the same time and move through each part of the residential program as a group. Each client’s progress is monitored daily and where necessary adjusted accordingly. We understand that for our clients to achieve maximum benefit from their residential stay it is imperative they are immersed in a positive, trusting and vibrant environment and our staff undergo intensive training to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to make this happen.


3. Post Residential Getting people off drugs or alcohol is one thing, keeping them off it is another For many Alcohol Rehabs and Drug Rehabs the “After Care Plan” is basically handed over to the 12 step fellowships. At 21Renew we take a very different approach. Each client is provided with a Recovery Coach for the two months following their residential stay and they have unlimited access to their coach during this period. Further, our Family Support Team provide the immediate family with unlimited support and coaching in the 2 months following their family members residential stay. At 21Renew we believe this coaching is vital in helping to prevent situations occurring that could potentially trigger the client into a relapse.

What two of our clients said about the program

   After years of struggling  with drug addiction 21 Renew has been the turning point in my life. The 21 Renew program through its interactive group sessions, yoga and massages has provided me with the springboard I needed to dive into recovery.

After 21 days I feel physically fitter and mentally sharper which has provided me with the clarity to write the next chapter of my life in a positive and fulfilling way. The programme is delivered superbly through group sessions where you workshop ideas and one-on-one sessions that provide tailored advice to your personal situation. 21 Renew was a life changer.    W.E.

Next Program 13th of August to the 4th of September 
Maximum 5 only clients